Hey Friends,

We did it!  We had our first Infused class.  It sure was infused with His Love.  It was great to see God show up.  I loved how He use words to speak life.  One great story is when a person wrote on her balloon that she was not good enough and her word was enough.  WOW!  God is speaking.  Let’s listen.

IFirst class

My LIE was unqualified.  That was the enemy.  My word in the balloon was desired. God has chosen me to do His work.  I am excited to do it!  I love serving the Kingdom.  I love seeing lives get changed.  My life is being changed.  If you have a word story, please share it.

If God is speaking to you, listen.  If He gives you a word, embrace it.  It is from the creator of the universe.  If He says you are worthy, you are.  He made you.  God is not angry with you.  He loves you and wants the best for your life.

Praise the Lord for a great first class.  Thank you to all showed up.  Two more Monday’s in June.  See you at Bella Vista Church at 5:30.